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Should we be shaken with this global financial crisis? by ratna ariani
October 12, 2008, 8:59 am
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I receive a note from a dear friend that I believe will encourage each one of us. Let put ourselves bound up in God Almighty. Thanks Fitri for sharing this with us.(RA)
When the financial crisis hits unexpectedly in US and beginning to spread all around the world, a friend shared her worries. Being a housewife with two kids and fully depending on her husband, she was concerned this could hit Indonesia too and it will be Indonesia’s second economy crisis after 1998. She felt shaken and worried that she might lose her stability.

Feeling shaken when we lose the important things in our life is very humane. We will feel shaken all the time whenever we experience death in the family or hear of a loved one is diagnosed with an incurable disease. We can lose family members. We can lose our jobs. We can lose our cars and homes. We can lose all of our clothing. We can even lose our health.

Things associated with this life are easily shaken. It seems as though the rug of life is pulled out from under us. We are left flat on our backs. Our stomachs are churning. Our heads are spinning. We grope for something, anything to hang on to. Our world has been shaken.

But there is a life that cannot be shaken. It is life bound up in God Almighty. When we connected ourselves with God, then that is the life that cannot be shaken. That’s something to lean on. It is infinitely reliable. It is ultimately dependable.

Dear friends,
if by any chance we are facing impact from the global financial crisis or feeling down with problems in family or work, or even facing lost of loved ones… let’s put ourselves into the life that cannot be shaken – the life connected to The Divine One – and not depending on the earthly things.

Wishing you a pleasant and enjoyable weekend! [Fitri Wahyuningsih]


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